4 am and I'm feeling low

Fleh. Pluh. Wfffw. I give in. I must sleep.

I've been staying up late cranking out words for a deadline. I know by now that this is how I usually wind up working, but I'm also feeling frustrated with myself. It's such a disruption of how I prefer to live my life. I've been so healthy this year so far -- getting mostly enough sleep, working out once or twice every day. Now I've gone and thrown a wrench into all of that. And this essay I'm working on is still not where I'd like it to be.

If only I could just blow off my stupid meetings tomorrow. But I think I have to show up for a few hours, wearing my administrator's hat. And then I'll head home again to wrestle with this essay.

As always, I'm busy promising myself that it will be different next time. . .