packing the office

Because I didn't get enough packing and unpacking this summer already (ha!), I'm moving offices at work. Actually, it's because I agreed to serve as Director of Undergraduate studies in my department. So tomorrow I am moving to a much bigger and nicer office up the hall in the main suite, where the Directors, Chair, Advisors, and staff are located. So I get two windows (I've had none) and an extra bookcase! It will be a much more pleasant working space -- although with the downside of more interruptions and a greater expectation for my being in at the office and available.

It would be easy enough to simply dump my bookshelves and filing cabinets into the boxes and leave it at that. But since I have to handle everything, I might as well sort through it and get rid of stuff -- I know I have a lot of paper files that don't need to be kept any longer. Plus there's library books that could be returned, and my own books that I need to weed out and put some up for sale. It's not all going to happen today, obviously. I have limited time and energy for this sort of thing, especially since I've been doing so much sorting, purging, and reorganizing in my study at home as I try to get settled after our move. I'm ready to use my brain for other sorts of things.

So, the priorities for the rest of today:
  • finish sorting and clearing files and items from desk
  • move superheavy 1950s metal desk to wall to make room for boxes
  • purge filing cabinet 1 and box up the remaining files
  • box up filing cabinet 2 (these are already archive and utility files, no need to purge)
  • box up library books
  • box up my books
  • box up personal items
  • dismantle computer
Seeing it in a list makes it seem a little more manageable.