day at home

Courtesy of the washing machine repair guy, I spent the afternoon at home -- he arrived at the end of the four-hour window they'd given me. But actually that was fine -- my partner was out at work, and I got to enjoy an afternoon of light chores and some semi-professional reading. It made me realise how much of my summer I've spent at the office. Sometimes it's useful for me to have the structure of going in to work. But sometimes that can be its own distraction.

I'm still figuring out my non-computer work spaces in this house -- figuring out where the light is good when, and what the feeling of the house is. We're almost at the point where I can just settle down and live here -- there have been a lot of distractions this summer. Or a better way of putting it would be that I have been allowing myself to be distracted this summer. I'm trying to start a No Excuses rule. I'm just sick of hearing excuses coming out of my mouth.

And, now the washing machine works again. A loose wire connection apparently caused the problem. Unfortunately, if it happens again, it's in a place that would be very difficult for me to get at myself.