eye exam

In 2 hours I have to leave for my eye doctor appointment -- the routine eye exam and contact lens updating thing. So I'm frantically trying to fit all my reading and computer time into the first half of the day, since afterwards my eyes will be all dilated and useless for reading. I hate that part, the squinty drive home with my sunglasses plus the weird plastic roll-up ones they give you. And then waiting for several hours for my eyes to return to normal. (Somehow it seems to take longer the older I get. Or maybe I'm just more impatient?) Tasks I'm saving for post-appointment: washing dishes, laundry, sorting through some old things that I want to get rid of, mopping floors, and vacuuming the couch in preparation for Julie's visit this weekend! (I know, maybe cleaning the house with impaired eyesight isn't the best way of doing things, but I really need to keep working at the computer right now...)