wedding gifts

There are many ways in which I don't fit the stereotypical image of the lesbian -- and other moments when I just have to embrace the stereotype and chuckle. Like just now when I was scrolling through the Target wedding gift registry to find a gift for an upcoming wedding of an old (straight, male) friend. What did I find? A cordless drill set. A-ha! who but the lesbian is going to give them a drill for their wedding. At least I know it's the one they wanted.

When my partner and I got married, we were part of a marriage equality protest, so we didn't do the big celebration and invite everyone and rake in the loot. Maybe we'll have some other ceremony in the future (though the way the political scene is looking, our commitment won't be legalized til we're in rocking chairs at the old lesbians' rest home) and have the big party for friends and family. But we received two wedding gifts from friends who heard about our marriage. A very nice gesture, totally unexpected and unnecessary. But the amazing thing? Both people gave us the exact same thing: the Tivoli bowls from Crate & Barrel. Now, these are a nice present -- one I've given occasionally myself for wedding showers and the like. But what are the chances of our only wedding gifts being identical? Do we seem like people who don't have enough bowls? Are we round (um, yes) and cheerfully multicolored (no, but our house is)? Too funny.

So, one more reason I always buy from the wedding registry if possible. That way I know no one else sent them the drill set.