we went to the movies

So we are trying this weekend to relax a little, even though we're not entirely settled in to our new place. Our favorite thing to do is to go see movies -- we're weeks behind on this, what with going out of town and packing and moving and unpacking and summer school...(best said breathlessly to get the real flavor of summer so far).

So today we went to see Kingdom of Heaven -- we'd been wanting to catch it on the big screen, since huge historical epics (& Ridley Scott spectacles) are things we both enjoy, and that don't really translate well onto our modest-sized TV. And, since I knew it was longish, I kept saying that we couldn't go to the 10:30 pm showing. So we caught a 4:00 movie (and got matinee price!) and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I know it's been getting mixed reviews -- and I'm the first to admit that I know diddly squat about the costumes, military strategy, political history, or religious customs of the Crusades period. It was convincing enough for me as a movie-watcher. Beyond that, as pure spectacle, quite enjoyable. And done with a message relevant to today's world.

Thursday night we saw Lords of Dogtown which was much less successful -- not quite fictionalized enough to make it substantially different than the documentary, not quite enough given to make you really care about the guys as people. Some good skating and pretty people in it, but that's about it.

Apparently we are on a testosterone kick this weekend . . . guess that means Longest Yard is up next.

Starting to feel more human. Though I have to grade papers tonight, so the reality of summer school is about to hit me squarely in the head.