signs and wonders

A sure sign that I need a haircut: Dr. Frazzle stopped me today in the hall and said, "oh your hair is looking so nice."

Today I am going to go to the gym. I have not been to any formal exercise setting in 26 days. I've taken long walks with the dogs, done pushups etc at home, and hauled plenty of heavy boxes around. But with all the traveling and moving, this has been the longest period in my adult life that I've gone without intense formal exercise, except for when I had mono. I've been pretty active and exhausted these past 3 1/2 weeks -- I literally haven't had enough sleep to fuel anything more intense than the work of setting up our household. So I knew that trying to get to yoga or the gym would have been counterproductive. It's been hard for me to learn as I get older that I can't just keep doing everything, all the time. But today I'm going to start getting back into my usual routines. On the up side, I haven't been so neurotic as to be obsessing over not working out; on the down side, my brain chemistry has been suffering.

Summer school is kicking my ass this week.

Two different students tried to work Michael Jackson into our discussion today. Not entirely succesfully.

My favorite typo, perhaps spell-checker generated, in a student essay was the discussion of how "selfless tanners" were being promoted as a response to health concerns regarding sun exposure.

The dogs have a play date tonight. We're going to meet a colleague and her pups at a dog park. I'm not sure how it will work out. Though I have a bit more social anxiety than our dogs do, so it will probably be fine.

Now, I need a play date, too. Though, if given a choice of activities, I would probably sleep through it.