tipping point

Apparently, 12:30 in the afternoon is the tipping point beyond which it seems futile to drive into the office for the day. I'd planned to work at home this morning finishing up the proofs, then go into the office to deal with administrative stuff and power through some grading. But now it just seems like I might as well stay home. I can, after all, do the grading from the couch.

Should I flee the germs of GF's sickness that might be lingering in our house, or stay home to grade in a somewhat restful fashion to ward off the beginnings of congestion I've begun to feel. Just because I got dressed in work-casual style and even put on mascara doesn't mean I have to leave the house.

I think this is the right thing to do. I know I'm capable of over-thinking it (wrestling between following my usual structure/plan and being flexible). It's also possible that I might not get enough done -- either by wasting time driving, parking, and then having to deal with chit-chatty office staff or by staying home with dogs and teakettle and the internet. But it seems 50-50 either way at this point. And at home I have more rewards available for each block of grading I get through.