RBOC, light/lite/lyte edition

  • The new Gatorade Rain is actually pretty tasty -- much lighter and less sweet in flavor, though the ingredients and calories and electrolytes and stuff are all the same as the original.
  • I am poised to cook something for dinner but in a bit of a quandary as to what it shall be. I had a plan, but then the fresh basil at the store demanded my attention. So now I have to cook something basil-y. (i.e., not veg chili)
  • Today was not very productive at all, though I got some social points onto my scoreboard for the month by having coffee with a colleague who is is sort of a lite variety friend, someone I meet for coffee or lunch once or twice a semester.
  • I had a great yoga class today. And my ankle is much, much better. Except for some slight swelling after class you wouldn't know it had been injured. I can even do toestand again.