how to have a great birthday

  1. Wake up in your own bed, with your honey and dogs snuggling all around.
  2. Go on a long dog walk.
  3. Return for coffee and bagels and birthday cards and presents!
  4. Get a hair cut and begin to feel like your own self again, not some shaggy monster.
  5. Go to the office and find only a modest pile of paperwork that accumulated in your absence.
  6. Get notified that you won a research grant! Do happy dance.
  7. Find the elusive recalled library book on your office bookshelf.
  8. Eat a healthy and tasty lunch.
  9. Write recommendations, memos, and administrative emails with ease.
  10. Learn that childhood friend who is now famous will be visiting your city on a publicity tour later this week. Plan to stop by and surprise her with a face from elementary school.

and wait, there's more ahead, starting in four minutes:
  • leave the office to go work at the cafe
  • drink a fancy soy latte because it's your birthday, after all
  • work on Immediate Project A (which must be sent off tomorrow)
  • go to yoga!
  • go out to dinner with GF!