spring break mix n match

I've been on spring break now for approximately four and a half hours -- and it sure feels great! So far I've eaten lunch, taken a nap, and walked the dogs. My plan for the week ahead is to combine the best parts of the following spring break models:

Hollywood Style: I'm doing hot yoga every day, and gym workouts at least four days next week. Plus I've been drinking homemade smoothies.

Prof Style: I plan on finishing an article and doing some initial research for the next one. I also have to do some filing/sorting/weeding of citations and sources.

Fixit Style: I need to finally hang the wall mirror purchased three weeks ago, and find a replacement sink strainer basket. Figuring out a plan for the yard would be good too.

Homebody Style: It's time for the semi-annual purging of my closet, and some super-cleaning of the rest of the house.

Nerd Style: I hope to read the third novel of an SF series I've gotten completely hooked on, and play on the internet.

Sloth Style: Sleeping, and more sleeping. Naps are good too.

What I'm not doing next week? Sitting in meetings. Or going to the office at all, if I can help it.