laugh when you can

The past couple of weeks with Elderly Parent have been kind of difficult. I finally got her to understand that I wanted her to see a neurologist -- and why (for an Alzheimer's/dementia evaluation). Since then, she's been understandably agitated, angry, sad, and afraid. But given EP's upbringing and personality, her response has been to cut herself off from her friends and to demonize me. She phones me every day or two to go through the same litany of how terrible a person I am, how I've betrayed her, and how she's doing just fine and doesn't need to see a doctor. I was prepared for this, since it's actually fairly familiar behavior from her, but that doesn't make it any easier when I see her name pop up on my phone.

Getting the appointment scheduled has been a lengthy process, since a referral was required from her primary care doctor, whose staff are bad about returning phone calls. But then yesterday EP tells me that an appointment was scheduled for her with the neurologist. That's great news! But she doesn't know what day or time it was for.

Because scheduling an Alzheimer's screening on the phone with the patient is such a great idea. Right?

I've got to laugh about these things because otherwise it is just too irritating. (And I called that office today and they were happy to tell me when the appointment was for. Thank goodness for frequent flyer miles, since now I'll be making two trips out there this month.)