the google rabbit hole, with a twist

Over the past couple weeks I've fallen down what I think of as the online rabbit hole a few times -- you, know, the process by which you think of an old acquaintance and google them and then look up somebody else, and then, and then...it's 45 minutes later and you've done nothing except experience a little Schadenfreude and a little envy. I haven't yet figured out what this process is a symptom of, for me -- I don't do it all that often, but every once in a while I get curious about people from the past. And the fact that a friend of mine was recently extolling the virtues of Facebook to me in a way that actually made me kind of curious (I have completely resisted it thus far since I hardly need new ways to waste time online, to which the above will attest), combined with Facebook's now displaying public profiles (name and picture is all) when you google somebody (btw this is only if you have your facebook profile set to do this, it's not for everyone) means that I found some more people in the latest rabbit hole adventure. And I'm contemplating a limited foray through Facebook (esp since my 20 year college reunion is coming up next spring).

But then last night GF and I were rabbit hole adventuring together -- it started out with a reasonable research project, to find an obituary for a family member -- and then it turned into full out googling of various relatives etc. And then of course ourselves, and our googlegangers. And here's the twist: since the last time I googled myself, my university page has fallen substantially in the results (which is fine with me, it's not like anyone else is actually looking me up that way) because there is now an adult film actress with my name. Too funny. (Especially if I could print the titles here, but I'm not going to.)