what I have learned

  • If I didn't exercise, I would have a lot more time.
  • But if I didn't exercise, I would have to spend a lot of that time being depressed.

Today was day 6 on restricted activity because of my f*n sprained ankle. It's getting better, but I have to be careful not to overdo it -- this is my bad ankle that was injured years ago and has never been the same since. I know from experience that waiting until it's really healed is important so that I don't reinjure it right away.

I'm used to getting a certain amount of activity every day, and it's an important element in my brain chemistry management plan. Not getting it is starting to really get me down. I can do some very modest yoga and stretch, but even the minimal amount of walking I've beeing doing (parking lot to office, etc) gets my ankle really tired by day's end.

Each night I've been surprised by how long the evening is after I come home from campus -- I usually have 2-3 hours of transit time and yoga and/or gym in between. So it's been nice to do some reading and hang out with the dogs. But not nice enough that I'd trade if given the choice.