random bullets of good stuff

  • my visit to the dentist was fine, and I got a good grade on my teeth and gums. (whew!)
  • I got an appointment made with the dermatologist, and getting the referral from my PCP for the insurance was much, much easier than I'd feared.
  • ever since GF climbed up a ladder to get into the little trap door into the attic, the frolicking creatures have been silent -- and out of sight in the attic, although it is unfinished and full of cracks and crevices for rodent-hiding.
  • Asparation, which has got to be one of the worst names they could have come up with (especially when its other name is brocollini, which at least sounds less like "ass") is actually really tasty. Our market mislabeled it as a hybrid between broccoli and asparagus (and that's what the name would make you think --) but it's actually a mix of broccoli and Chinese kale (thanks, JM, for pointing this out). The stems look like asparagus but it doesn't have the taste or slimy texture. Instead, it's like a mild broccoli you can eat the whole stalk of.
  • after a super-relaxing yoga class and then a mellow dog walk, I'm lying here on the couch while GF goes and picks up take out food, which we will then eat while watching the just-arrived DVD of Veronica Mars, our latest Netflix TV addiction. Awesome. It's the summer, after all, and I plan on enjoying it!