rental car radio

During my trip I was forced to listen to a lot of Midwestern radio -- the rental car had a CD player but now that I carry all my music on my iRiver, that was no help for me. So I spent a lot of time in Illinois and Indiana hitting the "seek" button.

Today's Christian pop music has become very skilled at the chameleon effect -- I'd hear something and think "ok, this is Sheryl Crow-ish" and listen for a minute before realizing it was about Jesus. And then there was Christian death metal music, standard guitar rock, etc. I have not yet heard Christian house music but I'm sure it's out there. (not that it'd be played on Midwestern radio -- I was astonished by the lack of any music with a decent beat).

There was a very weird timewarp effect. I kept hearing songs that I thought had long since fallen out of rotation. And these weren't retro stations, either. Among the memorable ones: "Ebony and Ivory," "Aqualung," and "Freebird." I am not kidding.

Unbelievable but true.

I'm really glad to be home.