random misc

I saw an ad two days ago for "extreme whitening" toothpaste, whose flavor was "empowermint." After that, where else can "X language" go?

Even post offices in small towns don't have appropriate signage. I guess the assumption is that if you're driving there, you already know where to turn. I keep winding up driving off the edge of town by mistake and having to loop back through what seems awfully countryish.

I've had to make some rules for my mom, which she keeps trying to circumvent. I've said that she cannot move with her:
(1) scrap paper
(2) broken items (dishes, vases, lamps)
(3) pieces of cardboard, string, or cloth that are not actually being used for packing.

Does that seem so unreasonable? I'm not even going to be here for the truly miscellaneous stuff...

This is my last day of packing my mom's house. Then tomorrow I get to go visit some old friends for two days. And then finally I get to go home. I'll be glad to be back with my family, my routine, my computer. Maybe my brain cells will reawaken.