spring break!

Spring Break List -- Fantasy Edition
  • write three conference papers
  • revise article that came back from editor with comments
  • finish massive home workspace reorganization project begun over winter break and then put on hold during the semester (filing & weeding of papers, Endnote updating, furniture moving, general cleanup)
  • read and prep the 2nd half of the book I'm currently teaching
  • read the next book I'll be teaching so as to be ahead of the game
  • clean, clean, clean the house
  • weed out clothes I don't need/wear
  • do my taxes
  • research/purchase a new printer
  • take car in for maintenance
  • do lots of yoga
  • take a couple of trips to the dog park
  • get back into the gym
  • read some books for fun
  • goalsetting/work planning for the next three months
  • prepare faculty activity report
  • sleep late
  • go to the movies
  • hang out with GF
  • blog
I've got ten days . . . I just have to figure out the delicate balance between doing things and not doing anything at all. I need some of each. The past few weeks have really thrown me off balance -- my schedule's been weird, I was sick, I've been cranky. So this break is all about getting back to myself.