by the numbers

So far this week, I have:
  • sat through 9 hours of meetings
  • met with 15 students
  • written 2 recommendation letters

all that remains of the semester:
  • 6 hours of meetings
  • 8 recommendation letters
  • 75 papers (4 to 15 pages)
  • 31 essay exams
  • two work-related holiday parties (one potluck)
And in an even happier numeric snapshot: last night was 9/25 with 16 more days left to reach my goal of 25 yoga classes by xmas. I've been feeling pretty strong, and oh so happy to be intensifying my practice right now. It helps me feel more grounded, given all the end of term chaos. One nice change is that my standing bow has dramatically improved -- it's not that surprising that given the way this semester felt (intellectually, psychically) that my balancing poses have been a struggle these past few months. Out of balance in life, out of balance in the yoga room too. So doing this little EZ-challenge has been a nice way to reclaim some focus and celebrate the end of the semester. It's not over yet (obviously) but in some ways I'm already detached from the routine and the things that were dragging me down this fall.