I have (at least) three options, one of which I must choose in the next 10 minutes.
  1. Stay in my office and grade essays.
  2. Leave and go to yoga.
  3. Leave and go elsewhere to grade.
I came in to the office two hours ago only because I had left some of the ungraded essays on my desk last night by mistake. (I had planned to spend the afternoon at a cafe grading.) But once here, my administrative responsibilities took over and I've spent two hours dealing with plagiarism cases and other end of term mini-crises.

#1 would be virtuous; also practical, in that I would be closer to my goal of finishing grading.
#2 would be healthy; also enjoyable. But it would not advance my grading.
#3 would be semi-virtuous, but not really necessary, since I brought coffee and water with me to the office earlier today.

Pleh. I guess I need to stay here and grade. Because if I go to yoga, I will then either have to stay up late or get up early. As it is I may need to get up extra early tomorrow.

I need to remember my Summer Plan. In the summer, I can go to yoga every day. I can go to yoga every day, once I get my grading done.