EOS: season of forgiveness

I'm going to follow Dr Crazy's example and start forgiving myself things during this End of Semester (EOS):
  1. The messy state of our house. (And more specifically the grungy state of the bathroom, which I know would only take me 30 minutes to deal with but I just haven't found those 30 minutes lying around anywhere.)
  2. The fact that I didn't make it to yoga or the gym today, even though I wanted to. I did, however, walk with the dogs for almost 2 hours (two separate walks) and mowed the yard.
  3. The patchy scrubbiness of our grass in front, the gaping expanse of dirt in the back yard, and the twiggy remains of two small bushes (plants?) that died last summer. I have never pretended to be somebody who knows anything about outdoor plants or who even cares about them. If it were really our house we'd zeroscape it if I got to pick. (We're renters so every month I feel yard shame when Landlord comes by for the check.)
  4. The fact that Sudoku is my new best friend for Faculty Council meetings.
  5. My underpreparedness for tomorrow, and the next day.
  6. Having only done one of my book orders so far for next term.
  7. The fact that despite my overloaded work state, I have managed to watch one TV show every night this week. (We taped Invasion tonight, and are working our way thru a DVD of Veronica Mars, which we'd never seen on real TV.)
  8. My boring blog.
  9. The breakout on my chin.
  10. The fact that it is 1 in the morning and I still have work to do. And what am I doing? See #8.