Sunday groggy Sunday

Well, it's Sunday. Not even morning any longer, in my time zone. And, like my fellow bloggers, I'm trying to figure out where the weekend went, and what to do with the remnant that remains. I wound up taking yesterday off: yoga, lunch with a friend, some shopping at TJ Maxx (found an inexpensive jacket for teaching, and a fleece blanket for the dogs) and the cosmetics discount place (hair gel! lotion! new lipstick!), dinner with my gf, fun browsing (but virtuously, no buying) at the CD shop. All in all, a very relaxing day. I just want to hang onto that feeling and not have it shadowed by the Sunday grumps.

Slept really late today (I'm definitely catching up from last week), which was enjoyable and necessary, but also makes me feel limited in what I can accomplish.

things I've done already:
  • fun reading & breakfast while lounging in bed
  • clip dogs' nails
  • help gf express the dogs' anal glands (truly disgusting, but it costs $15 each dog each time at the vet or groomer, so we learned to take care of it ourselves)
  • start laundry
  • answer student emails

The big question is whether I work at home this afternoon, or go into the office. I have a bunch of overdue administrative stuff that can only be done at the office, and it would be satisfying to go in and get it taken care of. Yet, although it's urgent, it's not necessarily the highest priority task. I've got other priority and urgent things I could easily do from home. A few years ago, when I was unpartnered, I'd go into the office on the weekends both to get stuff done and for the socializing (several of my colleagues were frequently there too). Now that I have a settled down life, it's harder to leave the house. Yet also harder to get stuff done when I'm at home.

Trimmed down priority short list:
  • purchase & finish setting up new software --I've been using the trial version and am loving it
  • research for conference paper
  • work on ongoing writing project
  • grading
  • go to the gym (long walk instead)
  • it's my turn to take the dogs to the park

And then, at the end of the day: dinner with gf and our Sunday night indulgence, Desperate Housewives -- anybody else gotten hooked into this? It's wonderfully campy, sort of Stepford feminist, very different from what I usually expect from TV.