for the next few days

here's what the short version of my list looks like:
  • grade papers for class #1 (approximately 25 20 12 6 left to go) (plus 5 late papers coming in today makes 11 to be graded by Thurs) HAPPY DANCE!!
  • grade papers for class #2 (approximately 28 left to go)
  • write quiz for #1
  • write class outlines for #1
  • write lecture for #2
  • update powerpoints for #2
  • write assignment for #2
  • reading for #1 (approximately 5-6 hours total for the week, 2-3 for Tues)
  • reading for #2 (approximately 3 hours)
  • write first draft of funding application for proposed guest lecturer visit
  • write first draft of paper proposal for upcoming conference
  • read three articles related to my current research project
  • actually write something towards my current research project
  • plan upcoming week, report to writing group
  • write two letters of recommendation for former students
All the teaching stuff has to be done by Tuesday. There's a little bit of wiggle room on the rest of the list, although the other stuff is actually more important.

And my personal list:
  • yoga (goal: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)
  • rake yard, bag leaves
  • homework for shrink appointment
  • time with gf
  • minimum weekly housecleaning chores
  • cook real dinners at least 4 nights
  • blogging!
UPDATE, Wed noon: there's definitely something satisfying about crossing these things off even on the next day. Obviously, I prepared my lectures for yesterday's classes -- but I still like crossing it off.