revenge of the spuds

So perhaps instead of silly diet slogans, bags of potatoes should be marketed with an accompanying alarm that would go off if you didn't use the potatoes within a few days. I swear, I bought the potatoes with the best of intentions. (I'd used up the previously blogged sack right away, and figured I could do so again.) But one thing and another intervened, and now, a couple weeks later, I just found the most disgusting thing in our pantry. Semi-liquid, semi-pasty, extremely malodorous, and oozing out of the airholes in the plastic bag to infect everything else on the shelf. Truly horrible.

Well, now I've cleaned out one shelf of the pantry, anyway. But the smell from the potatoes is clinging to my fingers no matter what I do. Ick. Fit punishment for ignoring them I guess.