When I first stumbled into reading blogs, I was delighted to discover that there were other academics blogging -- this seemed like one way "in" for me as a reader -- looking for my tribe's discourse and then eventually branching out to other communities. (I've seen the research on this somewhere recently, about internet usage and people's tendency to deal with information overload by searching for sameness.) But over the past few weeks, I've become increasingly less sanguine about finding such a virtual community. Maybe I just haven't found the right link list yet. But here are a few first impressions from a newbie. (1) I've been struck by the preponderance of socially conservative academic bloggers (is there something about the act of voicing one's opinions in this medium that might encourage voices from one end of the spectrum rather than the other?) (2) where are all the literature/cultural studies folks? are we too busy writing in other formats to visit this one? (3) the strongest / most visible voices are from those excluded: the whole Invisible Adjunct saga, graduate students, and so forth. I have learned a lot from reading IA and others -- but would be interested in finding others within the system who are reflective about its workings.