the less exciting side of marriage equality

There will be protests/rallies in favor of marriage equality on April 15 (tax deadline day) in many cities sponsored by www.dontamend.com .

Although getting our message out to the tired cranky people turning in their 1040s at the last minute might seem counterintuitive, I think it's a good idea. After all, we're not simply fighting for wedding ceremonies and the pictures of long-term couples saying their vows in front of family and friends -- the moving, pretty, emotionally satisfying part of the marriage debates -- it's also about the other, less picture-worthy stuff: gym memberships, hospital visitation rights, health insurance, social security benefits for the bereaved, and yes, taxes. Sure, there's workarounds for some of those things -- but not for all of them. And why should we have to go though a big hassle for the "family rate" for *anything*?

My gf and I both teach on Thursday night, so we can't be there for the rally in our city. But in spirit, I'm there.